Marshal Augerau

Marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau, Duke of Castiglione (1757 - 1816)


Argument of the Chapter
Marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau

         Early years. Service in the Royal Army. Desertion. International adventurer. Service in Prussian and Russian armies. Participation in taking Ismail by storm. Return back home. Punitive mission in Vendee. Service in Eastern Pyrenees Army. Friendship with Marbot. Career from captain to division general. Commander of Eastern Pyrenees Army.
        Italian campaign of the year 1795. Forces and plans of the opponents. French advance. Victory at Loano. Campaign 1796 . Operation plan of general Bonaparte. Council of war in Nice. Forces of the opponents. Strike at Piedmontian army. First victory at Montenotte. Defeat of the garrison Millesimo. Taking of Alba. Entry to Milan. Crossing Mincio. Siege actions against Mantua. Incursion into papal legates territories. First advance Wurmser. Break through the French positions at Rivoli. Council of war in Rovebello. Seizure of Brescia. Three-days Castiglione. Victory thanks to general Augerau. Incident with general Vallete. Super-high-speed march. Victory at Bassano. Mistake of general Kilmane. Augerau takes the captured spoils of war to Paris. Preparation of second Auastrian advance. Daring roundabout against Alvintzi. Battler for Arcole bridge. Personal courage Augerau. Results campaign 1796.
        Campaign of the year 1797. Victory at Rivoli. Augerau wants to become Director. Political intrigues in Paris. Commander of capitals division. Suppression rebellion of Fructidor 18. General-Fructidor. A deputy of the Counsil of Five Hundred. Vacillation during the Brumair coup. Commander of separate Corps in Germany.
        Marshals baton. Austrian Campaign of 1805. Provision of Grand Armys rear side. Prussian Campaign 1806. Participation in the battle of Jena. Humiliation of Prussian honor. Seizure of Frankfurt. Winter Campaign 1806-7. Victory at Golymin. Plan Russian Commander-in-Chief Bennigsen. Counter plan of Napoleon. Ill Augerau commands his Corps at Eylau. Bloody massacre. Serious wound.
        Conflict with Napoleon. Resignation. Commander observation forces in Germany. Campaign of Pyrenees. Seizure of fortress Alvares. Army Commander Catalonian army. Mishap at Barcelona. Crushing defeat French cuirassiers. Forming reserves for the Russian campaign. Campaign of 1813. The battle at Leipzig. Campaign of 1814. Commandant of Lyons. Pointless march at Geneva. Defence of Lyons. Renunciation of Napoleon.
        Exclusion from the list of marshals. The Second Restoration. Death. Analysis of military leaders career of marshal Augerau.

Maps of the Chapter Marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau

1. Bonapartes offensive stroke to Piedmont (April, 1796).
2. Campaign in Nothern Italy (10-15 April, 1796).
3. Maneuver at Lodi (May, 1796).
4. Campaign in Nothern Italy (April 24 June 1, 1796).
5. Battle at Castiglione (by the beginning of August, 1796).
6. Battle at Castiglione (early morning).
7. Battle at Castiglione (late morning).
8. Situation at the Lake Garda (1-12 November, 1796).
9. Battle at Arcole (first day).
10. Battle at Arcole (second day).
11. Battle at Arcole (third day).
12. Battle at Kolozab.
13. The vicinities of Czarnowo.
14. Battle at Eylau (morning).
15. Battle at Eylau (in the afternoon).

Illustrations of the Chapter Marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau

1. Augerau the Republican general.
2. Italy, 1796.
3. Portrait of general Quasdanovich.
4. Portrait of Field-Marshal Wurmser.
5. The Austrian Armys uniforms:
     The Austrian infantrymans uniform of general Davidowichs force;
     The Austrian infantrymans uniform of general Roccavinos brigade.
6. Portrait of Field-Marshal Alvintzi.
7. General Augerau during the attack on Arcole bridge.
8. The Austrian Armys uniforms:
9. Portrait of general Joubert.
10. Portrait of Paul Barras.
11. Portrait of Lucien Bonaparte.
12. Portrait of general Dorokhov.
13. Corporal of the Astrakhan cuirassier regiment.
14. Corporal of the Russian hussar regiment.
15. Russian Cossack and corporal.
16. Russian staff officer of Life Guard.
17. Portrait of general Golytzin.
18. The Russian artillery.
19. Portrait of general Bruyere.
20. Portrait of general Lepic.
21. The Arms of Duke Castiglione.
22. The Spanish Cross for Hostalrich.
23. Marshal Augerau at Spain.
24. Augerau the Duke of Castiglione.

The structure of military-historical monograph
Military campaigns of Napoleons marshals

Chapter 1 marshal Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, Prince of Ponte Corvo (1763-1844).
Chapter 2 marshal Louis Alexander Berthier, Prince of Neuchatel, Prince of Walange, Prince of Wagram (1753 1815).
Chapter 3 marshal Jean Baptiste Bessieres, Duke of Istria (1768-1813).
Chapter 4 marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune (1763-1815).
Chapter 5 marshal Victor Claude Victor-Perrin, Duke of Belluno (1764 1841).
Chapter 6 marshal Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr, marquess (1764-1830).
Chapter 7 Emmanuel Robert de Grouchy, marquess (1766-1847).
Chapter 8 marshal Louis Nicolas Davout, Duke of Auerstaedt, Prince of Eckmuhl (1770-1823).
Chapter 9 marshal Jean Baptiste Jourdan, count (1762-1833).
Chapter 10 marshal Francois Etienne Christophe Kellermann, Duke de Valmy (1735-1820).
Chapter 11 marshal Jean Lannes, Duke of Montebello (1769-1809).
Chapter 12 marshal Francois Joseph Lefebvre, Duke of Danzig (1755-1820).
Chapter 13 marshal Jacques-Etienne-Joseph-Alexander Macdonald, Duke of Tarente (1765-1840).
Chapter 14 marshal Auguste Frederic Louis de Viesse Marmont, Duke of Ragusa (1774-1852).
Chapter 15 marshal Andre Massena, Duke of Rivoli, Prince of Essling (1758-1817).
Chapter 16 marshal Bon Adrien Jeannot Moncey, Duke of Conegliano (1754-1842).
Chapter 17 marshal Adolphe Edouard Casimir Joseph Mortier, Duke of Treviso (1768-1835).
Chapter 18 marshal Joachim Murat, King of Naples (1767-1815).
Chapter 19 marshal Michel Ney, Duke of Elchingen, Prince of Moskwa (1769-1815).
Chapter 20 marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau, Duke of Castiglione (1757-1816)
Chapter 21 marshal Dominique-Catherine Perignon, marquis de Grenade (1754-1818).
Chapter 22 marshal Joseph Antoine Ponyatovsky, prince of Poland (1763-1813).
Chapter 23 marshal Jean-Mathieu Philiber Serurier (1742-1819).
Chapter 24 marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, Duke af Dalmatia (1769-1851).
Chapter 25 marshal Louis Gabriel Suchet, Duke of Albufera (1770-1826).
Chapter 26 marshal Nicolas-Charles Oudinot, Duke of Reggio (1767-1847).

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