Marshal Brune

Marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune (1763-1815)


Argument of the Chapter
Marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune

         Early years. Working as a journalist. Service in Parisian National Guard. Brune as a general - adjutant of Internal army. Participation in the events of September 5, 1792 in Paris. Brune as general commissar of military troops relocations. Brune as a colonel of general Dumurriers Northern army. Brune as the head of Staff of Dumurriers army. Crushing defeat of Vimpfens troops. Suppression of federalists rebellion in Cavados.
        Brune as the head of Staff of the Northern army. Rank of brigade general. Suppression of mutiny in Gironde. Brune as a military commandant of Bordeaux. Work in Military Committee of Convent. The generalvandamier in Freido. Brune as the commander of Parisian division. Suppression of babouvists mutiny. Transfer to Italian army of Bonaparte. Italian Campaign of 1797. Brune as a brigade commander of Massenas division. The battle at Travis. Brune as divisional general and division commander.
        Post of French occupation forces Commander-in-Chief in Switzerland. Brune as the Army Commander of Italian army instead of Berthier. Seizure of Turin fortress. Brune as the Army Commander of Hallo-Batavian army. Dutch Campaign of 1799. British landing at Zyp-Dike. Brune shows lack of resoluteness at army command. The battle at Alkmaar channel. Help of Vandamme division commander. Victory at Bergen. New allys advance at Haarlem. capitulation of allys army under command of the Duke of York. Conflict with Bonaparte in Brumair. Improssive success at Kastricum.
        Brune as the commander of the Western Army in Vendee. The origins of chouan movement. Leaders of chouans. Operations in Vendee in the years 1792-1799. Military opposition of Brune and Cadudal. Seizure of Nantes. Conflict with general Hedouville. Lack of resoluteness. Peace treaty with chouans. Changes in Military Ministry. Russian landing on Jersey island. Resignation from the post of the Western Army commander. Analysis of Brunes campaigns results. Brune as the Italian army Commander.
        The Second Campaign of 1800 in middle Italy. Entering general Duponts Corps in Toscana. Plundering Florence. Wrong selection of crossings the river Volta. Further accumulation of forces. Victory at Hohenlinden. Bravery of general Suchet. Success at Mozembano. Peace treaty of Travis. The second resignation. Brune as Chairman of Military Committee of State Council. Parisian Guard reorganization process. Ambassador to Turkey.
        Marshals baton. The Boulogne camp. The order of Great Eagle of the Honourable Legion. Brune as the governor of Hanseatic cities. Incursion into Sweden. Breaking off with Napoleon. Transition to the side of Louis XVIII. Disappointment.
        Return back on the side of Bonaparte during the One Hundred days. Marshal Brune as the commander Provence division. The Belgian Campaign. Marshal Brune as the command of Var Observation Corps. Bravado in Toulon. August 2, 1815 in Avignon. Royalist lynch law on marshal. Atrocious murder of marshal Brune. General conclusions from military leaders career of marshal Brune.

Maps of the Chapter Marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune

1. Nothern Holland.
2. Map ov Vendee.
3. The rebellion in Vendee.
4. The maneuvers at Pozzolo (1800).
5. Battle at Hohenlinden (Austrian plan).
6. Battle at Hohenlinden (phase 1-3).
7. The siege of Copenhagen by the English troops, 1801.

Illustrations of the Chapter Marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune

1. Portrait of Danton.
2. Brune the soldier of Revolution.
3. Brune the Republican general.
4. Portrait of general Hatry.
5. The Dutch Armys uniforms:
6. Portrait of general Vandamme.
7. Portrait of Prince of Orange.
8. Portrait of general York.
9. Brune during the Dutch campaign of 1799.
10. Year 1793.
11. Chief of Vendeans (painted by Bellange).
12. The Vendean soldier (painted by Bellange).
13. The attack of Nantes by Vendeans.
14. The caricature on chouans.
15. The Vendean rebellion leaders:
16. Portrait of general Dessole.
17. Brune in the battle at Pozzolo.
18. The Austrian infantrymans uniform of general Bellegardes force.
19. Battle at Hohenlinden.
20. Portrait of marshal Brune.
21. Avignon.
22. The murder of Princess Lamballe.

The structure of military-historical monograph
Military campaigns of Napoleons marshals

Chapter 1 marshal Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, Prince of Ponte Corvo (1763-1844).
Chapter 2 marshal Louis Alexander Berthier, Prince of Neuchatel, Prince of Walange, Prince of Wagram (1753 1815).
Chapter 3 marshal Jean Baptiste Bessieres, Duke of Istria (1768-1813).
Chapter 4 marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune (1763-1815).
Chapter 5 marshal Victor Claude Victor-Perrin, Duke of Belluno (1764 1841).
Chapter 6 marshal Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr, marquess (1764-1830).
Chapter 7 Emmanuel Robert de Grouchy, marquess (1766-1847).
Chapter 8 marshal Louis Nicolas Davout, Duke of Auerstaedt, Prince of Eckmuhl (1770-1823).
Chapter 9 marshal Jean Baptiste Jourdan, count (1762-1833).
Chapter 10 marshal Francois Etienne Christophe Kellermann, Duke de Valmy (1735-1820).
Chapter 11 marshal Jean Lannes, Duke of Montebello (1769-1809).
Chapter 12 marshal Francois Joseph Lefebvre, Duke of Danzig (1755-1820).
Chapter 13 marshal Jacques-Etienne-Joseph-Alexander Macdonald, Duke of Tarente (1765-1840).
Chapter 14 marshal Auguste Frederic Louis de Viesse Marmont, Duke of Ragusa (1774-1852).
Chapter 15 marshal Andre Massena, Duke of Rivoli, Prince of Essling (1758-1817).
Chapter 16 marshal Bon Adrien Jeannot Moncey, Duke of Conegliano (1754-1842).
Chapter 17 marshal Adolphe Edouard Casimir Joseph Mortier, Duke of Treviso (1768-1835).
Chapter 18 marshal Joachim Murat, King of Naples (1767-1815).
Chapter 19 marshal Michel Ney, Duke of Elchingen, Prince of Moskwa (1769-1815).
Chapter 20 marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau, Duke of Castiglione (1757-1816)
Chapter 21 marshal Dominique-Catherine Perignon, marquis de Grenade (1754-1818).
Chapter 22 marshal Joseph Antoine Ponyatovsky, prince of Poland (1763-1813).
Chapter 23 marshal Jean-Mathieu Philiber Serurier (1742-1819).
Chapter 24 marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, Duke af Dalmatia (1769-1851).
Chapter 25 marshal Louis Gabriel Suchet, Duke of Albufera (1770-1826).
Chapter 26 marshal Nicolas-Charles Oudinot, Duke of Reggio (1767-1847).

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