marshal Suchet

Marshal Louis Gabriel Suchet, Duke of Albufera (1770-1826)


Argument of the Chapter
ďMarshal Louis Gabriel Suchet"

         Early years. Revolution. Service in Lyons Guards. The grade of lieutenant-colonel and Ardeche Volunteer Battalion Commander. Participation at Toulonís siege. The plan of the colonel Bonaparte. Participation in fierce battles at Vado and Saint Gaquie. Military reforms of Lazare Carnot.
        Italian campaign of 1795. Service under supervision of general Massena. Battle at Loano. Italian campaign of 1796. Fights at Dego, Lodi, Rivoli, Castiglione, Bassano. The personal contribution into Castiglione victory. Occupation of Peskhiera. A wound at Cherea. The Venetian campaign. Battle at Belluno. Campaign of 1797. Success at Neumarkt. Grade of the brigade general.
        Service in the Bruneís Swiss Army. Financial scandal. Suchet as the chief of the Italian army staff. Assignment in Helvetian Army of Massena. Campaign of 1799 in Switzerland. Disengagement. Disengagement. Grade of division general. Suchet as a chief of general Joubertís Italian army staff. Administrative skills after the defeat at Novi.
        The first Italian campaign of 1800. Suchet command of the left wing armies. The general approach of Melasí Austrian army. Hard rearguard actions of the French. Massenaís attempts to restore the communications with Suchetís grouping. Unsuccessful attempts of deblocking the Genoa fortress. Flank impact at Elsnitzís grouping. Attack of Bormida mountain. Melas renders counterstrike. Hard retreat maneuver. Defense of Var bridgehead. Position of the sides by May of 1800. The Austrians unsuccessfully storm the French fortifications at Var. Bonaparte's arrival on the stage of opposition. Capitulation of Genoa. Connection of Suchetís grouping with Gazanís division. The lost opportunities. Operational plans of the Austrians. Victory at Alessandria.
        The second Italian campaign of 1800. Suchet as the commander of the central grouping. Capture of Foresto. Suchet helps Dupont to escape from a trap at Pozzolo. Victories in fights at Borghetto, Verone, Monte-Carlo-Bello. Suchet as the military governor of Padua. The general - inspector of infantry. Suchet as the governor of imperial palace Lacken. Infantry division commander.
        The Austrian campaign of 1805. Capture of Miechlenberg fortifications. Battle at Austerlitz. Defense of Santona hill. The Prussian campaign of 1806. Battle at Saalfeld. Battle at Jena. Capture of Landgrafenberg height. Attack on Klozewitz and Cospeda. Battle at Pultusk. Duly support of Gazanís division at őstrolenka. The marriage.
        The Spanish campaign. Participation in the siege of Zaragossa. Amusing accident with a battalion of 34-th regiment. Strategic position after capitulation of Zaragossa. Suchet as the Corps commander and military governor of Aragona province. Forming of Aragonian army. Skilful gambling with Aranoiesís nationalism. General offensive against Blake. A trap at Lerida. Deblocking of Jacŗ. Evacuation of Alcaniz. Battle at Alcaniz. A large tactical miss. Accident with general Drummer. Retreat to Zaragossa. Őŗneuver in Saragossa vicinities. Victory at Őŗria. Pursuing the defeated Blakeís army. Success at Belchite. Occupation of Almunia and Carinena. Struggle against guerrillas. Liberation of Navarra and Aragona from insurgents. Storm at the Spanish positions at Tremedal. Capture of Venasque.
        Campaign of 1810. The general strategic conditions on Pyrenees. The operational plan of Suchet. Creation of militia for struggle against insurgents. Retaliatory expedition against insurgent troops of Mina. Administrative reforms in Navarra. The orders of marshal Berthier. Approach on Valencia. Decree of Aragona independence. The description of the Valencia fortress. Unsuccessful attempt of storm. Systematic siege. The conflict with king Joseph. Return in ņragona. Preparation for the occupation of Lerida. Supercautious actions of marshal Augerau. The description of the Lerida fortress. The first storm. Capture of advanced forts. Decisive storm of May 7. Capitulation of the fortress. Attack at Mequinenza. Demonstration actions against “Órtosa. Break-through of Tortosa positions. Tarragona siege. The description of the fortress. The fort őlivo. Storm of the lower city. Punishment of the Tarragonaís defense counsels. Capture of Oropesa. Battle at Saguntum. Second siege of Valencia. Occupation of the city. A title of duc Albufera. Suchet as the mŗrshal of Empire. Defeat of oíDonnellís army at Castalla.
        The campaign of 1813. Victory at Yecla. Unsuccessful maneuver at Cŗstalla. Retreat in Cŗtalonia. Capitulation of the Zaragossaís French garrison. A victory at őrdal. Marshal Suchet as the general - governor of Cŗtalonia. The general - colonel of Imperial Guard.
        The campaign of 1814. Old insult of marshal Soult. Transition to the Bourbons party. Marshal Suchet as the commander by Strasbourg military district. The One Hundred Days. Campaign against Austrian-Piedmont troops. Retreat to Lyons. Defeat. The last years of life. Death. The analysis of military leaderís career of marshal Suchet.

Maps of the Chapter ďMarshal Louis Gabriel Suchet"

1. The siege of Toulon.
2. Maneuvers at Genoa (1800).
3. Battle at Alcaniz.
4. Battle at Maria.
5. Siege of Lerida fortress.
6. Mequinenza fortress.
7. Siege of Tortosa fortress.
8. Tarragona fortress.
9. Battle at Saguntum.
10. Valencia fortress.
11. Battle at Castalla.

Illustrations of the Chapter ďMarshal Louis Gabriel Suchet"

1. Suchet as a the general of Republic.
2. Portrait of general Pouget.
3. Portrait of general Dupont.
4. Portrait of general Monnier.
5. The Catalogne contingentís uniforms:
    ē Infantryman;
    ē Pioneer, 1812;
    ē Pioneer, 1814.
6. Spanish cross for Alcaniz.
7. Portrait of general Habert.
8. Portrait of general Blake.
9. Portrait of Duke Wellington.
10. Portrait of Partisan leader Mina.
11. Portrait of general Haxo.
12. Spanish cross for Tarragona.
13. Portrait of marshal Suchet.
14. Portrait of general Miranda.
15. Portrait of general Zayas.
16. Portrait of general Reille.
17. Entrance of Suchet to Valencia.
18. Duke of Albufera.
19. The Dukeís of Albufera Arms.
20. Uniforms of Spanish Army generals.
    ē divisional general;
    ē brigadier general;
    ē complete general.
21. Spanish cross for Castalla.
22. Spanish cross for Ordal.
23. Portrait of general Decaen.
24. Spanish cross for Andalusian camapign, 1813.
25. Portrait of general Rapp.
26. Marshal Suchetís grave.

The structure of military-historical monograph
ęMilitary campaigns of Napoleonís marshalsĽ

Chapter 1 Ė marshal Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, Prince of Ponte Corvo (1763-1844).
Chapter 2 Ė marshal Louis Alexander Berthier, Prince of Neuchatel, Prince of Walange, Prince of Wagram (1753 Ė 1815).
Chapter 3 Ė marshal Jean Baptiste Bessieres, Duke of Istria (1768-1813).
Chapter 4 Ė marshal Guillaume-Marie-Anne Brune (1763-1815).
Chapter 5 Ė marshal Victor Claude Victor-Perrin, Duke of Belluno (1764 Ė 1841).
Chapter 6 Ė marshal Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr, marquess (1764-1830).
Chapter 7 Ė žŗūÝŗŽ Emmanuel Robert de Grouchy, marquess (1766-1847).
Chapter 8 Ė marshal Louis Nicolas Davout, Duke of Auerstaedt, Prince of Eckmuhl (1770-1823).
Chapter 9 Ė marshal Jean Baptiste Jourdan, count (1762-1833).
Chapter 10 Ė marshal Francois Etienne Christophe Kellermann, Duke de Valmy (1735-1820).
Chapter 11 Ė marshal Jean Lannes, Duke of Montebello (1769-1809).
Chapter 12 Ė marshal Francois Joseph Lefebvre, Duke of Danzig (1755-1820).
Chapter 13 Ė marshal Jacques-Etienne-Joseph-Alexander Macdonald, Duke of Tarente (1765-1840).
Chapter 14 Ė marshal Auguste Frederic Louis de Viesse Marmont, Duke of Ragusa (1774-1852).
Chapter 15 Ė marshal Andre Massena, Duke of Rivoli, Prince of Essling (1758-1817).
Chapter 16 Ė marshal Bon Adrien Jeannot Moncey, Duke of Conegliano (1754-1842).
Chapter 17 Ė marshal Adolphe Edouard Casimir Joseph Mortier, Duke of Treviso (1768-1835).
Chapter 18 Ė marshal Joachim Murat, King of Naples (1767-1815).
Chapter 19 Ė marshal Michel Ney, Duke of Elchingen, Prince of Moskwa (1769-1815).
Chapter 20 Ė marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augerau, Duke of Castiglione (1757-1816)
Chapter 21 Ė marshal Dominique-Catherine Perignon, marquis de Grenade (1754-1818).
Chapter 22 Ė marshal Joseph Antoine Ponyatovsky, prince of Poland (1763-1813).
Chapter 23 Ė marshal Jean-Mathieu Philiber Serurier (1742-1819).
Chapter 24 Ė marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, Duke af Dalmatia (1769-1851).
Chapter 25 Ė marshal Louis Gabriel Suchet, Duke of Albufera (1770-1826).
Chapter 26 Ė marshal Nicolas-Charles Oudinot, Duke of Reggio (1767-1847).

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